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Do u think your bigger than Gotti, can you match it with the likes of Al Capone, Buggsy Siegel and Lucky Luciano ?

The Mafia Warz - a Free web based Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game where you compete against others to prove your worth in a game of skill and strategy. 

Delve deep into the world of La Cosa Nostra. Play the role of a mobster. Join a gang and work your way up in the family or if you got moxy, be a boss and try your hand at running your own crew. Make sure you choose your allies right and always watch your back. This is the cut throat world of the mob ; thugs guns hoes drugs and most importantly money. Respect is earned and lives, bought and sold. 

For an on-line multi-player game , there's only one place to be. Are you the Don Juan , or just another don wannabe? So... What are you waiting for?

www.TheMafiaWarz.eu - Free online Mafia Game, Rpg, Mmorpg
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